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Kaj Jensen
Certified Structural Engineer
(+45) 24 44 40 29
Nicolai Frøkjær Kristensen
Structural Engineer
(+45) 25 67 64 60
Rune Hallum Sørensen
Structural Engineer RH@PolyStringer.com


At PolyStatics we believe in solving complex structural engineering problems using fast and easy to use software. We are focused on developing solutions which both reduce the complexity of the problem and offers a credible and economic solution.


PolyStatics is a company established by NemStatik and PolyStruc in 2018. The main objective with this company is to develop and distribute software to solve structural engineering problems.

The first project for PolyStatics was the development of the stringer model software, PolyStringer. PolyStringer is based on an optimal plastic solution which was first introduced in the original StringerModel created by NemStatik in 2005. Since then StringerModel has been recognized and widely used by structural engineers especially in Denmark.

PolyStringer is based on the calculation method introduced in StringerModel. PolyStringer is a leap forward compared to StringerModel especially regarding calculation time. Thus, making stringer models useful for both large systems and in many more cases.

Poly Stringer

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