PolyStringer API

PolyStringer API

- Automate generation of stringermodels

PolyStringer API Introduction

This document includes a description of how to use PolyStringer API.
All methods and parameters in PolyStringer API are descriped.

Excel Template

With this template it is possible to use all PolyStringer API features directly through Excel without any knowledge about macros or VBA code.


Examples to get you started using PolyStringer API. Source code, Excel sheets and pdf descriptions are included in this zip file.


With PolyStringer API it is easy to create integrations with other software applications and thereby for example automate generation and calculation of concrete diaphragms with PolyStringer.

Example Wall

With this example it is shown how PolyStringer API can be used to easily generate a wall with stringers, openings, loads and supports. This example is ideal to get a feel for the opportunities with PolyStringer API and the example can be used as the basis for more complex PolyStringer API integrations.

Extract Results

With this example you can extract all results from any PolyStringer model. All you have to do is open PolyStringer, create a model, calculate in PolyStringer and save the file as a PolyStringer API file (.pstrAPI). The results can then be extracted using the macro in the excel spreadsheet.

Frequently asked questions

PolyStringer API is not included in the regular PolyStringer license. To get access to PolyStringer API request a quote, and we will get back to you with the license options.

To use PolyStringer API you need a valid license for both PolyStringer and PolyStringer API.

PolyStringer API can be used through a C# application. There are currently no examples for C# implementation of PolyStringer API, but it is possible to reference PolyStringerAPI.dll. If you have troubles with the implementation, then kontakte os and we will help you out.

To get started using PolyStringer API with Excel just download the Excel template or one of the examples. Using these documents you will get an idea of how PolyStringer API can be used through Excel.

Yes, just kontakte os and we will help you create your own template or set up a custom template for you that meets your specific requirements.  

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