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This page is designed to help users get the most out of PolyStringer. The video below shows some of the basic features in PolyStringer and will help you get started. If you have any questions about how to use PolyStringer see the list of frequent asked questions below. If your question is not on the list, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Watch the video below to get a brief introduction to PolyStringer.

Poly Stringer

A powerful stringer model software, which determines the optimal plastic solution and minimizes the required reinforcement. Get your free student license or trial today!

Frequent Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

PolyStringer is an inevitable tool for design of concrete diaphragms with hollow-core slabs.

  1. Insert geometry, loads and reactions
    Insert Geometry and loads in the governing load combinations. Reactions can either be defined manually, if they are determined elsewhere, which often would be the case for rigid diaphragms. Otherwise the reactions can be determined directly in PolyStringer, this leads to a solution suited for more flexible diaphragms.
  2. Check shear fields
    Check to see if the shear forces exceed the capacity of the diaphragm, which is often 20-25kN/m for hollow-core slabs. If this is the case insert an upper limit for the shear forces, PolyStringer will then try to redistribute the forces, learn more in “How to Smoothen out shear forces?”.
  3. Determine stringer reinforcement
    Click the button “Auto Reinforce” to let PolyStringer insert the necessary stringer reinforcement. Afterwards the amounts and sizes can be adjusted.

This is done by setting the stringer to “compression only”.
  1. Go to “Modelling”
  2. Select the stringer
  3. Choose “Stringers” and then “Compression only”

This is done by inserting “Shear Field Limits”.

  1. Go to “Reactions and Shear Forces”
  2. Select the shear fields, where you want to limit the shear force
  3. Add the shear fields to a new shear field limit group
  4. Enter the shear force limit for the group
  5. Press “Calculate”

PolyStringer then try to redistribute the internal forces to satisfy the new limits.

You have the option to see both the initial- and the modified results. Only the modified results are used for further calculations.

If a shear field is light gray, as seen in the picture below, it is a sign that it cannot be activated. This is most likely due to it not being surrounded by four stringers. Light gray stringer field
To add or remove a stringer click on the green + or red – button next the measure lines. The distance between the stringers can be modified by clicking on the length. Units or number of decimals are changed in the “Settings” menu bar under “Units”. Modify Geometry

In cases with large size differences in the model, the scaling function can be used to give a better overview of the whole model. This is done by moving the “Scale” slider, which is found above the “Calculate” button.

Unscaled stringer model 

Light gray stringer field

Scaled stringer model

Light gray stringer field

PolyStringer allows for manually entering of the reactions. This is beneficial when they are calculated elsewhere, as in the case of a rigid concrete diaphragm with flexible shear walls. The manually entering is done in the box to the right of the checkbox and will appear as a blue arrow on the model. When the reactions are left to be determined by PolyStringer, they will automatically be determined in the way that minimizes the required reinforcement in the model. Light gray stringer field

In “Export Settings” it is possible to change the resolution of the stringer model images which are used for the pdf. This is done by changing the values for “image size (W x H)”. Larger values lead to a higher resolution of the pdf export. It is also possible to change the ratio between width x height and thereby get a pdf with less whitespace. This is done by adjusting the values to correspond better with the stringer model size.

Image size 1000 x 500px
Pdf example

Light gray stringer field

Image size 1600 x 800px
Pdf example

Light gray stringer field

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